Start Me Up Niagara


Start Me Up Niagara offers services to support people facing significant challenges such as poverty, homelessness, unemployment, disabilities, addictions and mental illness.
Services range from community lunches, health care, and arts and gardening programs, to housing supports and employment development.


In picture Helen Atteck, Executive Board Member,
St. Catharines & Regional Niagara Twinning
Association presenting cheque of $500 to Susan
Venditti, Executive Director of Start Me Up Niagara.
Also in picture are Charmaine Frado, Resource
Developer; Laura Dumas, Executive Director
(Retiring) and Tony Weadick, Vice President St.
Catharines & Regional Twinning Association
Thanks to Delta Bingo where members from St.
Catharines & Regional Niagara Twinning
Association volunteer their services and
receive funding to be donated to
Communities in Niagara Region.

CGCG Social Graphic

St. Catharines & Regional Niagara Twinning Association is proud to participate in Charitable Gaming through Delta Bingo and Gaming St. Catharines. This ongoing financial support allows us to offer much needed programs and services. When we come together, we make things possible for our community.